This is the new digital home of SOLIDARISCH TANZEN.
We recently recreated this page in order to match the restart of our activities.

Welcome dancer,

We* are glad you found your way here. What do we do at SOLIDARISCH TANZEN? You find more about that in the "about" & "news" columns. On our site you can also check out our current "projects & events". Furthermore you find the latest episodes and recorded livestreams from our new DIY bi-weekly radio & podcast show "Geranien & Pflastersteine". Or simply have some fun, by rummaging in our "music & art" section.

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Your solidarity star dancers

Thanks to wirepunk for the help in creating this site. And to all out there, that have been supporting our cause since we first started raising money to support the (re-)building of a school in KobanĂȘ in 2016 with "Dance for KobanĂȘ".